How did you handle your first few students as a CFI?

Welcome Guest. Sign in or Signup. I am a 60 year old comercial pilot with instrument rating with over hours. I have been a teacher and I have been working on my CFI for a year. My instructor keeps putting off my check ride for one reason or another. At what point do you fire your instructor and get another?

Cockpit Chemistry: Choosing the Right Flight Instructor

In honor of the Centennial of Flight on December 17, , Women in Aviation International selected a unique celebration. If we accept the premise that the first machine-powered flight by humans occurred on December 17, , with the Wright Brothers, it is appropriate to begin with an almost forgotten contributor to that great event: their sister Katharine Wright.

In remembering the financial and moral support she provided to them, her brother Wilbur said, “If ever the world thinks of us in connection with aviation, it must remember our sister. Katherine Wright first flew with her brothers for their demonstration flights in France in Katherine could have been the inspiration for the Baroness Raymonde de Laroche of France, who was the first woman in the world to solo in and the first woman in the world to earn her pilot’s license in After watching some of the early flying exhibitions by the Baroness de Laroche, Bessica Raiche returned to America with her French husband and they began building aircraft in their living room.

The girl I liked at the time was dating someone else – but she would have found out if I “Your flight instructor called,” one of the guys said.

Starting your pilot training is exciting and there are multiple steps in the process. At ATP Flight School, our job is to guide you through these steps and make your flight training an enjoyable experience. The information below will help you get fast answers to most of your top flight training questions and help you choose which flight school is right for you.

Whether you’re starting from zero time or with your private pilot license, learn more about ATP’s minimum admission requirements and prerequisites for the Airline Career Pilot Program. ATP’s Airline Training Programs prepare students for airline pilot careers with an emphasis on nationwide flying experience in multi-engine aircraft. This list pertains to students enrolled in ATP’s accelerated flight training.

ATP’s Student Uniform Policy describes the professional appearances expected of students during flight training, ground school, and FTD sessions at the flight training center. Total immersion flight training offers many advantages over slower-paced flight training options. This page summarizes the difference in training methods and which one best fits your learning style.

ATP provides up-front, fixed-cost pricing in a way that differentiates us from most other flight schools and academies. With over 30 years of experience, ATP designs our flight training programs with enough flight time for the vast majority of students to be successful. In an effort to maximize the efficiency of the Airline Career Pilot Program, you will likely be required to spend up to three weeks away from your primary training center.

Aerospace-Professional Pilot, B.S.

Selecting a flight instructor I once compared selecting a flight instructor with making a commitment to a long-term relationship. When you first visit a flight school, one of the instructors will probably invite you to sit down and have a soda or cup of coffee while discussing what the flight school has to offer you. Take him up on it. It is important that you feel comfortable with your instructor. They have all passed written exams covering both aeronautical knowledge and fundamentals of instruction, so they know their stuff and the theories behind imparting that information to a student.

Those are the minimum requirements, and all instructors have satisfied them.

Low salary jobs: As a newly certified pilot, it’s common to get a job as a flight school instructor, which will help you build your hours until you.

No Student Pilot may fly solo without a dual check if more than five days have passed since their last flight. No licensed pilot may fly any Durban Aviation Centre Aircraft if they have not flown an aircraft in the same category within the last six calendar weeks. Dual checks will entail at least three circuits and any other training at the discretion of the Instructor. If you have not flown it in five calendar weeks, you would have to do a dual check in the aircraft you are going to fly.

In the event that three red tags are issued then an official warning letter will be given to the student. There after, any infringements of the club rules will result in the issue of further warning letters. Any student who receives three warning letters may be expelled from the school without further notice. Red Tag and warning letters will be given to the student in the presence of the CFI in order to give the student opportunity to respond.


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This is the best Pilot Flight Training course in Africa. The premium structure and flight training hours of the course, the excellent aeroplanes and simulators, and the ideal location for instrument training ensure that you achieve an outstanding operational capability that equips you for a career as an airline pilot. A planned three year contract as Flight Instructor is structured so the first eighteen months are dedicated to ab-initio training and the second to multi-engine and instrument flight training.

Flight instruction is a very satisfying occupation and it develops expertise and knowledge to an outstanding level. On completion of the Flight Instructor contract you will have achieved all the flight time, experience and competency to achieve the Airline Transport Pilot Licence. The Academy will prepare you for and facilitate the flight test.

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Jet setting to dream destinations and living a spontaneous life of adventure and excitement that is fit for a movie or at the very least the page of an Instagram influencer. The simple truth is that marrying a pilot comes with some really amazing benefits along with a list of not so fun drawbacks. But think about this — even if you are fine with it now, how will you feel in 3 years, 5 years, 10 years? Are children in your future? How will you cope with the solo parenting time? The average pilot works roughly days a month, so consider this a heads up that you could end up sleeping alone about half of the time.

Bad Instructors: How They Behave and Why You Should Know

As the COVID pandemic continues throughout the world, we are tracking the impacts on flight training and the general aviation industry as a whole. We will update this page frequently as our friends and partners in general aviation continue to provide and publish new information. Airlines find themselves facing a critical dilemma as they resize their networks for a new post-coronavirus normal, and must walk a tightrope between furloughing pilots and keeping them on staff to maintain their network flexibility, experts say.

Read the story on FlightGlobal. The free Aviation for Girls App will offer content such as career videos, virtual museum tours, scholarship information, hands-on activities, book readings and digital issues of Aviation for Girls magazine.

Yes, you already know that your potential future spouse will be gone a lot, and if you’ve been dating for a while, you’ve even gotten a good.

To prepare for these opportunities, Pro Pilot students must complete flight operations coursework and achieve pilot certification up to and including the Commercial Multi-engine Certificate with an Instrument Rating. Students receive extensive experience in all aspects of the flight environment, culminating in a turbine aircraft transition course. Graduates must demonstrate proficiency in aircraft systems operation, determination of aircraft performance parameters, navigation, communication, and airport operations.

He started flight training in high school and with that head start, completed the Professional Pilot program in less than four years. Bivens began flying for Atlantic Southeast Airlines shortly after graduation and was there for eight years until he fulfilled his dream of joining United Airlines in February That interest influenced his decision to pursue a graduate degree in Aerospace Education. With more than 8, flight hours and multiple certificates, Bivens is enthusiastic about MTSU and his career.

He also was drawn to the cost effectiveness of MTSU, where the total degree cost is less than half what it is at some other university aviation programs. The enthusiastic pilot stayed at MTSU after graduation as a flight instructor and recruiter. Coppenger feels very qualified to enter his career field and is proud to have the accreditation and traditions of MTSU standing behind him.

Employers the world over recognize MTSU’s Professional Pilot program under the Aerospace major as an elite program that produces the highest caliber graduates. Examples of career options include. An individual majoring in Aerospace can pursue a Bachelor of Science B.

How much money do helicopter pilots make?

Amelia Earhart was an American aviator who set many flying records and championed the advancement of women in aviation. She became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic Ocean, and the first person ever to fly solo from Hawaii to the U. During a flight to circumnavigate the globe, Earhart disappeared somewhere over the Pacific in July Her plane wreckage was never found, and she was officially declared lost at sea.

Her disappearance remains one of the greatest unsolved mysteries of the twentieth century.

How did you handle your first few students as a CFI? Thread starter IslandFlyer; Start date May 20,

Discussion in ‘ Lessons Learned ‘ started by Unregistered , Oct 27, Log in or Sign up. Pilots of America. Dating Your Flight Instructor? First of all, I know this is not related to flying, but I really want to post this anonymously. If needed, I will happily delete it. Alright, now on to the conundrum I am a Private Pilot and I did not do any primary training with this flight instructor.

Amelia Earhart

How much money does a helicopter pilot make? This is an important factor to consider when looking to become a pilot. You might be shocked by how much money some pilots are making.

Will my flight instructor certificate with a sport pilot rating list aircraft months after the date of the endorsement, the individual may not act as pilot in.

The University of North Dakota UND conducts research on cloud-physics to understand convective storm development, including the measurements of the micro-physical and electric field properties of clouds. The North Dakota Citation Research Aircraft was deployed in the summer of to obtain cloud microphysical properties and state-of-the-atmosphere parameters in and around convective storms during a two-week field project based at the Space Coast Regional Airport near Titusville, Florida.

Delene is looking for a graduate student to research the processes leading to the formation of chains of plate particles observed in cirrus clouds during the CapeEx19 field project, including evaluation of the importance of the electric fields for the formation of the observed chain aggregates. For additional information, contact David Delene. This position will focus on remote sensing of blowing snow at Atmospheric Radiation Measurement ARM climate research facilities.

Activities will include the analysis and detection of the process using lidars, cloud radars, and ancillary instruments. These observations will be placed into context of meso- and synoptic scale meteorological fields. In addition to these duties, students within the research group are expected to assist with local winter weather fieldwork and outreach activities. This position includes a tuition waiver for 30 credit hours, equivalent to the requirements for a M.

Ideal candidates should have experience in programming e. Python , communication skills, and possess or are willing to gain a tolerance of cold weather.

Dating Your Flight Instructor?

For Barb, this was her first flight in a plane other than a commercial airliner. For me it was part of my vetting process for potential dating partners. I had moved to Houston about a year before after an overseas work assignment and returned to my hobby of aviation with the purchase of a Cessna

He had been marked “OK to solo” on a given date, verified by the signature of an Flight instructors, be advised that “” alone is not your flight.

If the airman chooses not to sign the Acknowledgement of Receipt, then the Certifying Officer will be required to sign a form that acknowledges that the Certifying Officer has presented the PBR to the applicant. This release updates the expiration rules for medical certificates held by individuals under the age of These medical certificates will now expire five years after the month of the date of the medical examination rather than the previous three year expiration.

Pilot Hours Decimals — After the 6. CFI Expiration — Corrects an issue in which the submission date of an application is in one month and the CO final sign off occurs in the next. The expiration date on the temporary certificate incorrectly showed the submission month rather than the final sign off month as printed by the CO. Spaces in Last Name — In the 6. As a part of this change, spaces were no longer allowed in the last name. You will be redirected to the user profile page to provide additional information required for airman applications.

More help can be found on our FAQ page and by using the manuals founds on the training and documentation page. Thank you for your feedback, please wait If an invalid indentification expiration date was manually entered, the user could not continue but the validation error message was not being displayed. If a newly registered applicant selects the Start New application link, they were not being properly redirected to their user profile to complete registration.

At what point do you fire your flight instructor?

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dating your CFI. I’m a student pilot (mid 20s), and my flight instructor is in her 20s as well, super cute, experienced (enough hrs for ATP) and a great teacher.

Of course, most flight instructors do a fantastic job. But not all do! So I’m curious if you’ve ever experienced a really bad flight instructor. Did this person scream a lot? Hit you with a sectional chart? Or a “whack” chart? Did he or she make calls and text friends while giving you dual? Call you a nasty name?

My CFI Checkride Experience